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WalletConnect Launches Subscription-Based Web3Inbox Service Covering 10 dApps

Bitcoin NewsWalletConnect Launches Subscription-Based Web3Inbox Service Covering 10 dApps

Blockchain wallet developer Web3 WalletConnect has announced the launch of a subscription-based notification service called Web3Inbox.

According to a Jan. 16 blog post, the service is designed to provide customers with personalized notification services without using Web2 messaging tools.

WalletConnect users will be able to receive announcements about Web3 projects they follow and interact with regularly through their wallet accounts, eliminating the need to register an email or create a profile on the platform.


The Web3Inbox service has strong spam protection that allows the user to control access to information through your tools.

Moreover, by providing access to real-time decentralized applications (dApps) and ensuring synchronization it is great for all devices.

At this time, the WalletConnect command is available for all people who want to have an additional connection service among the 10 most popular all decentralized applications. This list includes PancakeSwap, Space ID, Guild, Snapshot, Robots.Farm, Trusta Labs, and others.


The team also confirmed that efforts are underway to expand support to include more decentralized applications in the future.

This extension will allow users to receive personalized Web3 messages covering a range of topics including staking hubs, non-fungible token (NFT) updates, games, guilds, voting offers and various aspects of the decentralized economy.

Users receive a limited edition Soundwaves NFT.


Web3-centric messaging tools are not new concepts in the crypto space. Services like EtherMail also offer decentralized notification services for Web3 enthusiasts to receive real-time updates on their favorite dApp projects.

However, WalletConnect’s Web3Inbox offers a wide range of offerings with comprehensive support for various wallet types, covering over 350 cryptocurrency wallets.

To celebrate the launch of the Web3 messaging tool, the WalletConnect team announced a partnership with the Sovereign Nature Institute and the Transient Labs team. The collaboration sees a trio of Web3-focused development teams join forces to create an exclusive Soundwaves NFT collection.

According to the WalletConnect team, all Web3Inbox users will have access to a limited collection of Soundwaves NFTs. The Soundwaves NFT Collection is a first-of-its-kind series of vibrant NFT audio art that celebrates the power of connection.

The digital collection graphically illustrates the sound waves produced by whales using state-of-the-art technology, providing a new lens through which NFTs can be viewed and shared.

Deployed on the popular Layer 2 (L2) scaling protocol of the Ethereum network, the digital collection comes in four limited edition denominations, each varying in rarity and highlighting the different whale communication sounds recorded by the AquaSearch Sanctuary.

According to the team, users who link their cryptocurrency wallets between January 16 and January 26 will be eligible to receive a Soundwaves NFT collection giveaway.

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