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MEXC Trade Suppresses Concerns: Clarifies Erased ‘CEO’ Account In the midst of Withdrawal Rumors

Altcoin NewsMEXC Trade Suppresses Concerns: Clarifies Erased ‘CEO’ Account In the midst of Withdrawal Rumors

MEXC has clarified the cancellation of a Twitter account named “MEXC_CEO,” clarifying that the proprietor of the account not had any association with the trade.

Final week, the MEXC_CEO Twitter account, which a few clients expected had a place to the exchange’s CEO, John Chen Ju, abruptly vanished, including to existing fears that the stage can be encountering challenges.

A few conjectured that the expulsion of the account may demonstrate inconvenience inside the firm.

In reaction, MEXC discharged a articulation on December 24, looking for to reduce any perplexity.

The trade clarified that in spite of the fact that the account had once been utilized authoritatively to advance the trade, the CEO related with it had cleared out the company in July 2022.

Thus, the person behind the account now not had any genuine association with MEXC.

The trade recognized that it had fizzled to form a particular declaration with respect to this alter, driving to far reaching misconception and perplexity when the account was unexpectedly erased without take note.

“We truly apologize for any perplexity caused by this incident,” communicated the trade.

MEXC vowed to create open declarations of critical work force changes including official media accounts within the future.

Clients Report Withdrawal Issues on MEXC

The cancellation of the Twitter account driven to expanded concerns as a few dealers had detailed solidified accounts as early as December 16, whereas others experienced challenges pulling back their cryptocurrencies from the trade.

A few clients on the trade detailed issues and delays with withdrawals in later days, especially including Kaspa (KAS) tokens.

One dealer claimed to have made a benefit through modern exchanges on the prospects showcase in 15 days but saw his account solidified the following day.

“I reached the back and submitted documents. And after that on the moment day, reserves within the accounts were totally wiped out In conjunction with the arrange history,” they composed.

In any case, MEXC consoled its client base that the trade was working smoothly, with all frameworks working regularly.

“In reaction to such unwarranted allegations, we save the correct to require legitimate action,” expressed MEXC in a post on X (once in the past Twitter) on December 24.

“Please don’t be deceived by rumors or by people with covert thought processes. We passionately contradict any shape of criticism and/or the dispersal of untrue information.”

Established in 2018, the trade moreover offers quantitative exchanging, utilized ETFs and list ETFs.

Over the past 24 hours, MEXC encompasses a spot exchanging volume of over $2.1 billion, with more than $1.5 billion in resources, agreeing to information from CoinMarketCap.

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